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Oval Banneton Scraper and Liner Bread Proofing Baskets

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With MadeTerra Banneton Proofing Baskets, the rattan cane will wick the abundant moisture from your dough skin, keeping its surface smooth, non-sticky and stable.

This helps scoring with bread lame tremendously easier and create crustier crumbs. It is important that our brotform proofing basket set complies with food safety regulations.

This banneton uses stainless steel tacks which are a lot safer than traditional basket tacks and natural rattan cane.

We have been food-safe certified by Bureaus Veritas.

Material: Rattan

Color: White

Weight: 1.5 lb.

Size: 10 (inch)

Place of origin: Viet Nam

Features: With Dough Scraper and Liner.

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Made in Vietnam