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Chesapeake Coffee Roasters Organic Cattail Whole Bean 12oz

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CATTAIL: Our signature Medium-Dark roast, Cattail is a blend of USDA Certified Organic coffees from South America, Indonesia and Africa. It produces a medium bodied cup with tasting notes of Black Forest cake, pineapple and citrus. Cattail can also be brewed for espresso and will deliver exceptional body, accented with creamy caramel notes.


An iconic wetland plant.
Broadleaf Cattail • Typha latifolia
Cattails are a natural part of a healthy wetland ecosystem; producing large quantities of wind dispersed seeds, allowing for a rapid growth rate in the watershed. Though invasive, cattails provide beneficial ecosystem services including habitats and food for a variety of species and the reduction of pollution through bioremediation; a technique that uses biological organisms to break down and remove many types of contaminants. Their lateral growing roots are also good for stabilizing soil and can help minimize bank erosion on steep or windswept shorelines.

Our Cattail coffee blend recognizes the benefits that these plants can have in Chesapeake watershed.  A portion of the sales from this coffee is allocated to our H2O Initiative giveback fund.



A blend of coffees from South America, Indonesia and Africa.

Tasting Notes: Black Forest cake, pineapple and citrus. 
  • USDA Certified Organic
  • Medium-Dark Roast
  • Medium-bodied cup
  • Works well as Espresso
  • 12oz. Can
  • Whole Bean Coffee

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