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Colloidal Silver Spray

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Supercharge your immune system and help your body's own natural defense system work more efficiently to maintain it's natural and healthy state. A must-have for your first aid kit!
  • All natural and safe for children
  • Flushes out of system in 24 hours
  • Has a coating that prevents the silver from attaching to minerals


  • Use orally for daily immune support or topically. 
Probiotic-Friendly, Gluten-free, and 100% Vegetarian: No additives, preservatives, artificial ingredients, dyes or flavors.


10ppm SilverSol® (purified silver and deionized water)

Suggested Use

Adults: Use 10 sprays up to 3 times daily. 

Children: Use 3-5 sprays daily. 


What particle size is the silver in the Just Ingredients Colloidal Silver Spray? 

The Just Ingredients Colloidal Silver Spray uses a 100% pure nano-silver that has such a small particle size that it doesn't sink. You want to use a nano-silver so that it floats through the body and blood stream.

How many PPM is the colloidal silver spray?

10ppm. Because of the size of the nano-silver particles in our Colloidal Silver Spray, you need less silver to accomplish the same thing as other silvers.

What is SilverSol technology and how is it different?

Our Colloidal Silver is made using SilverSol Technoogy®, it was created to improve on
current forms of silver making it a safer and more efficient product. Our silver has
multiple modes of action vs traditional ionic or colloidal silvers. Because of this, you
need less of our nano-silver particles to accomplish the same thing as you would
with other silvers. Independent studies have shown it to be up to 10x more powerful than other silver products.


Is the Colloidal Silver Spray pregnancy/breastfeeding safe?

The Colloidal Silver Spray is safe topically for pregnancy and nursing. Consult a doctor regarding oral consumption while pregnant or nursing. 

Is the Colloidal Silver Spray safe for children. 

Yes, the Colloidal Silver Spray is safe is safe for children in doses of 3-5 sprays per day. 

Where can I find more information on Colloidal Silver?

Check out Episode 70 of The Just Ingredients podcast on Apple Podcasts or Spotify

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